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Lock N2 Wellness Studio Policy Agreement

Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the property.

Hygiene/Hair preparation: Retightening and Sisterlocks Establishment clients agree to wash their hair 24 hours before scheduled appointment and be free of any oils grease or conditioners. Consultant holds the right to refuse service to a client that shows any signs of abnormal scalp conditions.

Payment and Deposits: Lock N2 Wellness accepts Credit /Debit cards as a form of payment for retightening or to purchase merchandise, however a $3.50 fee charge will incur. A deposit of half the amount is required when booking a Sisterlocks Establishment or Interlocking service (Your deposit confirms your date). A deposit for Sisterlocks Establishments should be paid either by credit/debit card, cash,  Zelle or Cash App. An electronic receipt will be emailed or text to you. Payment in full is due before session begins (Installations).

No refunds on deposits or services rendered!

Deposits are your agreement!

Late/Tardy: Client understands that if 15 minutes late a late fee of $15 will be added to your service no exceptions. If client is 15 minutes or more a late fee of $30, or consultant holds the right to cancel the appointment. 

If you are early for your scheduled appointment please wait in your vehicle until scheduled appointment time.

Cancellations/Rescheduling: Clients will give a 48 hour advance notice if they need to reschedule or cancel their appointment. 

No Call No Shows: No Call No Shows will be responsible for the serviced that was missed or client will no longer be able to schedule with Lock N2 Wellness Studio. YOUR CARD WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL AMOUNT.  

Guests: Only the client that is being serviced will be allowed in the studio, if the client is a minor a parent or guardian is welcome to stay. One guest may be permitted to come during a consultations only. Per agreement between consultant and the Sisterlocks™ brand, no one can legally observe consultant while performing a Sisterlocks service.

Sisterlocks Establishments: Sisterlocks establishments are scheduled in 10-hour increments on each day, establishment clients are asked to not schedule any other activities on that day. It is highly recommend that clients bring all meals, snacks and beverages will be provided. The maximum time allotted for breaks in a 10-hour increment is 60 minutes cumulatively.

Scheduling appointments:

  • All appointments should be scheduled before you leave the studio.
  • Once the client leaves the studio it is the responsibility of the client to schedule all appointments.

Method of contact: Clients agree that all correspondence concerning upkeep and hair maintenance will be done through text, email or phone call during regular business hours M-Thurs 8:30am-5pm.

Lock Maintenance: Clients agree that Sisterlocks require regular maintenance and it is not recommended to go longer than 6 weeks without a retightening. ADDITIONAL CHARGES WILL APPLY to clients that have gone more than 7 weeks without maintenance.

Sisterlocks Establishment Quote: Price quoted during a consultation will be valid for 30 days.

In case of illness: If a client is ill, at any stage, you should reschedule. If a client exhibits signs of illness you will be asked to reschedule.

Photos: Lock N2 Wellness Studio reserves the right to take photographs of work for advertisement and demonstrative purposes. All photographs that are taken that appear on social media are the property of Lock N2 Wellness Studio and may not be used for any other purpose and may be used in subsequent years. (No monetary consideration)

Lock N2 Wellness Studio reserves the right to update or modify this Policy Agreement including Pricing Structure at any time! 

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