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What Are Sisterlocks?

   The Sisterlocks™ method was founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. The method is started and maintained without the use of beeswax, locking gels, oils, and or hair grease. A standard sectioning grid is implemented and the hair is intricately woven using a tool creating a tiny uniform and stable lock allowing for optimal parting and unlimited styling.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Shawntina what is the difference between traditional locks and Sisterlocks™?

Just as there are different types of music, Classical, Pop and R&B there are different types of Locks and methods. You will hear terms like cultured locks, braid locks, free formed locks etc. The big difference between Sisterlocks™ and other types of locks are that Sisterlocks™ are parted in a particular styling grid allowing for the maximum flexibly of styling. Sisterlocks™ are tiny uniform locks, traditional locks are sized med to large to XLG. Sisterlocks™ differ from other locks because no locking gels, pomades, or grease are used to start or maintain the locks. Unlike traditional locks Sisterlocks™ forms at the tip of the lock then works its way to the base making for a more secure lock foundation and less likely to buckle. Sisterlocks™ is not just a hair style it must be maintained with regular retightening approximately every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

    2 .How long does the Sisterlocks™ process take?

To implement a full set of Sisterlocks™ it can take up to 20 hours plus, this process in split up over a two/three day period.

Wow Shawntina 20 hours is a long time, I don’t know about that.

Yes, Sisterlocks is truly a labor of love, I like for my clients to be relaxed and enjoy their time in my chair. I do offer WiFi, Spotify, Books, Magazines, Hulu Plus and Netflix. If you need to catch up on a TV series or like to binge on Law and Order this is the time to do it. We also take small breaks for stretching at least every two hours (This is very important to keep your blood flowing properly). I schedule at least a one hour lunch break a day this gives us both time to eat and to refresh.

Can I wash my hair the same as I did before?

Yes, we only ask that you make a few simple adjustments during the settling stages to your washing routine so that the natural locking process is not disturbed.

Will I be able to cut and style my locks?

Yes, your locks will go through a settling in period approximately six months to a year after that time your locks will have matured (for some clients this time may be longer). Your consultant will let you know when the time is right to cut and style your locks.

Shawntina my hair is very thin, am I a good candidate for Sisterlocks?

Yes you are, for clients with low density hair follicles your hair parting and sectioning can give the allusion of thicker hair. In the first couple of weeks you will have more of your scalp showing but your locks will swell to 2x the size. Giving you a fuller look.

A coworker of mine has Sisterlocks, she complains that her : are painful. Should reties be painful?

No, reties should not be painful. Your reties should be to the scalp but not cause you any pain.

Please feel free to write down questions you may have and i will gladly go over them with you during your consultation.

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